ScadaAce Servers & GUI

The ScadaAce Server(s) consist of standard Microsoft Windows based computer(s)/server(s) and GUI Software. They may be installed in either stand-alone or redundant. Multi-site configurations are also supported. It is the responsibility of the SCADA Server(s) to send and receive information from the Motorola ACE IP Gateway and present it to the end user. These components are also responsible for the RTU configuration, recording data for reports, trends, and analyzing and troubleshooting process issues. The ScadaAce GUI provides the tools for the automated configuration of the system as well as the tools to fully customize the SCADA system. Even more advanced configuration and customization may be accomplished by using the included System Tool Suite (STS). Additionally, the ScadaAce GUI includes features such as remote access through a web browser (expanding the number of users), high end security, logging, paging, texting, emailing, logging to SQL or ODBC compliant databases, WAP, redundancy, data backup, on-line configuration, interfaces to third party products and software, monitoring and control via mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets, and many other powerful features. The ScadaAce GUI is easily expandable and powered by VTScada.