ScadaAce System Components

The ScadaAce System Components work together seamelessly to create the SCADA solution for all your monitoring and control needs. The ScadaAce System consists of three main components.

ScadaAce IP Gateway

TCP/IP is a protocol in common use on Ethernet data highways such as the World Wide Web and others. The Motorola ACE IP Gateway provides the connectivity between the RTUs and the SCADA Server(s) and is a key component in the ScadaAce system.

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ScadaAce Servers & GUI

The ScadaAce Server(s) consist of standard Microsoft Windows based computer(s)/server(s) and GUI Software. They may be installed in either stand-alone or redundant. Multi-site configurations are also supported.

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Motorola ACE RTU

The ACE RTUs are the key interfaces to the real world monitoring and control points across the system. Since the ACE RTU is a powerful PLC, the ScadaAce application is capable of full automation of the processes it is monitoring.

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