Motorola Ace RTU

The ACE RTUs are the key interfaces to the real world monitoring and control points across the system. Since the ACE RTU is a powerful PLC, the ScadaAce application is capable of full automation of the processes it is monitoring. Additionally, all of the set points, parameters and application programs may be remotely supervised and changed from the ScadaAce GUI. Each I/O point on the I/O modules includes both isolation and surge suppression to protect critical processes. Each I/O module is co-processed for high speed operation and monitors itself for potential problems. The CPU module monitors itself, the communication links, the power supply, the I/O modules and the radio for potential problems or failures. Back-up batteries are included in each RTU providing approximately 4-8 hours of operation without AC power. The batteries are temperature controlled charged via the built-in power supply. Potential warnings and errors are reported back to the ScadaAce GUI. Additionally, the batteries may be remotely monitored and load tested via the STS Programming Software. The most important strength of the ACE RTU is its communication abilities. The ACE RTU is self aware of the communication network(s) and knows which communication links are available. The ACE RTU can operate on multiple communication mediums simultaneously, ensuring your critical data is delivered to you. If the RTU cannot communicate back to the ACE IP Gateway, the RTU will still remain to fully function based upon its last commands or to a preset communication failure mode. The ScadaAce GUI loads the included ScadaAce configurations and applications for you. The RTU is fully programmable so as your process needs change, the ACE RTU can change with you.