About ScadaAce

ScadaAce System Diagram

ScadaAce is a new, easy, yet powerful SCADA solution for all of your monitoring and control needs. ScadaAce is a complete package that enables you to have a standard pre-configured system that does basic monitoring and control while giving you the flexibility to fully customize and automate. It is easy
to install and takes very little time and effort to have a fully functional SCADA system.
ScadaAce is a very cost effective system.

ScadaAce consists of fully programmable Motorola ACE Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) integrated with IP and your choice of radio, Motorola ACE IP Gateway, and SCADA Server(s) with Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software powered by VTScada.

This solution can be used in markets such as Public Utilities, Electric Utilities, Public Safety, Building Monitoring and Control, Security Monitoring, Asset Management, Process Automation, Commercial Metering, Medical Facilities, and many more.

The ScadaAce components are setup through a Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with simple point-and-click commands and standard engineering units. No ladder logic programming is required. The system ships with the RTU configured for the standard application and configuration.